Southport Gideons – New Web Site

Gideons International is an organisation that spans the globe. It has an international web site as well as a UK one. However, the work of the Gideons is done by local branches that work within their own area and are supported by the local community.

In order to allow the Southport Gideons to communicate more effectively with this local community Datawise Computing designed a WordPress based local web site that will allow for multiple branch members to contribute their own specific local news. The site was designed by modifying the default WordPress template – this allows the maximum flexibility for customisation, and also for use by other branches.

The aim was to create a clean, uncluttered design that would draw viewers to the content. The Gideons logo has been converted to a single colour, and the heading type is a thin sans serif font. The result is visible branding without intruding on the content.

Southport Gideons - New Web Site

Logo Idea

Design on the internet moves fast, and the existing site has been up for some time now, so I thought I’d begin the process of reviewing the logo.

This is the first concept that I’ve come up with…

Datawise Computing - information technologists

Let me know what you think.

The information technologist

Peter Holloway is the information technologist behind Datawise Computing. He has worked freelance as an independent consultant, database and web designer for over 15 years.

Datawise Computing works with businesses in the North West of England (and sometimes beyond) to provide the information technology tools that they need to run their businesses effectively. Clients include multi-nationals through SMEs to micro businesses.

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