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One simple piece of advice for the small business getting on the web is to let folks know where you are. Whether it’s a retail outlet or a service that you provide it makes a lot of sense to make sure that your location is on the internet.

Very often folks look for services or products by adding their location to the search terms. This can give them location specific results, but you will only appear in those search results if you have taken the time to spell out where you work or sell. The more local your clientèle the more important it is to get this right.

You need to mention both specific towns and more general areas in order to catch the searchers.

For example:

Datawise Computing

Datawise Computing provides Business IT and Web Design services (including WordPress design) in the North West of England. Based in Southport, Formby and the surrounding area Datawise Computing works in Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire.

The Small Business Blog

Expanding your network during the downturn

Expanding your Network

The small business has many advantages in difficult economic times. The lack of size enables a greater deal of flexibility. A small business can change direction faster and with less cost than a larger organisation. Costs for the design of a large business web site can also be prohibitive as the complexity of the site and the planning and permissions required for every change make updates a major undertaking.

For the small business seeking to reach out to its customers, to build and maintain a relationship a weblog is a cost effective tool for putting control in the hands of the business owner rather than the web designer. In order for clients or customers to return to a web site there must be a good reason: information, offers, advice, updates.

Where do your clients go when they require information? Do they pick up the phone, or email? Do they ask for a fax with the information they have asked for? It is a simple matter for the business owner to add all the essential information to pages on a weblog. It is also simple to add announcements, special offers and updates in a timely fashion when the business owner is in control.

The small business blog puts the power to communicate back in the hands of those who hold the information allowing a greater immediacy of communication with your customers.

Recently Datawise Computing was asked to help a local church with a very limited budget to revamp their web site. With a combination of a basic WordPress blog, some useful plugins and a free template communication has started afresh. The power is back where it belongs, with the providers of the information. A relationship has begun, the network is spreading…

Where to start?


Where do you start with a brand new web site? What is it that you want to do with it? Believe it or not, the internet is mainly all about words. You may use it to view videos or download music, but even for these you search for words.

This is where you need to start when considering your web site. What do you want to say to your audience, and what is that audience? Ultimately a web site is for the purpose of getting a message across, whether it be nothing more than the fact of your existence and availability as a business or other organisation.

So, before considering how it should look or what it should do, you should always consider the content: the words, images, ideas that you wish to convey to your target audience. Design is very important, but it still plays a supporting role to the actual content, so start with the content; all of it before considering how you want to package it.

When you have done this you will find that the message gets the priority that it deserves once you get to the design phase of your web design project.

Built with WordPress

This web site has been built on the WordPress platform. This allows stories to be added without the need for web design. It means that it can be kept up to date by the people who have the stories rather than the technical folks.

WordPress is very simple to install or upgrade, just remember to back up your database and files prior to upgrading – just in case.