Considering a Chromebook

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Many years ago it was an axiom that no-one got fired for buying IBM – they were the standard for desktop computing when the segment first emerged. With the ubiquitous presence of Microsoft operating systems on the IBM PC no-one even actively decided on buying MS-DOS and after that Microsoft Windows. The combination of IBM […]

Breaking the Barriers to Entry for Collaborative Tools

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Access to business class collaboration tools such as email, contacts and calendars used to cost an arm and a leg. First of all you needed to have a server domain structure in place, generally a couple of servers, then you would have to purchase Exchange Server for your collaboration services. These would all be housed […]

Big Business Tools for Small Business

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Big businesses use big business tools to gain competitive edge. They use technology to enable constant communication and collaboration. In the past this sort of infrastructure was to preserve of the corporate world. The costs associated with setting up a collaboration medium, with purchase and maintenance of servers and devices was prohibitive for all but […]

Transitioning to Google Apps for Business

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I’ve been doing the initial set up today ¬†for moving a client from POP mail to Google Apps for Business¬†and thought it would be a good time to explain some of the benefits to this move. For the Small Business For the small business Google Apps for Business gives you all of the big business […]