Seeing the Wood and the Trees

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The IT business is one that very often concentrates on details and specialities. You look for an expert with 10 years of experience using Windows 8! You want to find a specialist in Bespoke Application version 11b because that’s exactly what you use. You are looking for that person who can jump in to your business […]

Getting into the Cloud

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Do you remember when the Blackberry phone arrived? A phone that did email! It had a keyboard too, and, for the first time allowed the busy executive to instantly reply to an email without having to unpack the big slow laptop that was lurking in the boot of the car. Suddenly email was accessible, any […]

The Smallest Business is Still a Business

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When starting out in business it’s vitally important to keep business and home life separate. We know that when you’re a small business, you are probably working from home, and more often than not juggling the work/family life balance on a moment by moment basis. We intuitively understand the need to keep the work life […]

How Important is your Google Plus Page?

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  How often do you click on a link to a person or business in a Google search, or see the ‘related’ link in Gmail and come across something like this? More importantly, what does this say about you, or your business? What this tells your potential customers is that you don’t care. I know […]