Screen Time and Lockdown

If you’re working in IT under lockdown, then that probably means that you’re looking at a screen, or screens just as often as before, you’re just doing it from a more cramped home office, or a corner of a room. It can feel a bit like standing in the middle of Times Square! It’s very easy to get chained to your desk, no matter where it is, but particularly if you’re living on your own. You don’t have colleagues to come over to your desk, or vice versa. And meetings now inevitably involve more screen time.

What to do? For one, start using the phone again, instead of email. Everyone will appreciate a bit of conversation and the chance to sit back from the screen. Even if it’s a discussion that requires screen time, it’s less intense than just reading emails. Start conversations with a quick ‘how are you coping with the lockdown’, or similar. Everyone works better with appropriate breaks.

Find where your nearest window is, and make sure you look out of it regularly – it changes your point of focus and rests the eyes.

Take your coffee (or other beverage) break in the garden or on the balcony, or anywhere but where the screen is. Take your smartphone and make sure it’s not muted – that way you will still know when you’re needed.

Replace the commute with a walk around the block, before and after work – and leave your phone behind for these. It’s remarkable how glued to a screen we can be, we just replace one with another. Leave it all behind and let your mind rest. It’ll work all the better for the break.

And, above all, appreciate the fact that in these strangest of times you do have a job :)