Which direction to take?

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There’s never been more choice in how we do business, and there have never been more directions to take in order to make business IT work for you. So, how do you make those important decisions? For the startup it’s perhaps simpler, but for established businesses there come crunch points where an investment is needed […]

How Important is your Google Plus Page?

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  How often do you click on a link to a person or business in a Google search, or see the ‘related’ link in Gmail and come across something like this? More importantly, what does this say about you, or your business? What this tells your potential customers is that you don’t care. I know […]

Considering a Chromebook

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Many years ago it was an axiom that no-one got fired for buying IBM – they were the standard for desktop computing when the segment first emerged. With the ubiquitous presence of Microsoft operating systems on the IBM PC no-one even actively decided on buying MS-DOS and after that Microsoft Windows. The combination of IBM […]